This article is part of Inc42’s Year-End Stories for 2017 where we’ll highlight the major newsmakers, developments, shutdowns from the Indian startup ecosystem in 2017 and their impact on the Indian startups and the ecosystems. Find all the stories of this series here.

Another year draws to a close. Another chapter finishes. Some would say it was the best of times, some would argue it is the worst of times. Some would say that it was an age of foolishness, some would say it was the age of wisdom. Some rose to the top of headlines, some became side notes.

Money was bet, money was lost. Businesses were built, businesses were shut down. Some became heroes, some were branded villains. All in all, 2017 was different from any other year and yet was so similar to any other year.

Watch the video to take a rundown of key newsmakers of 2017.

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