This article is part of Inc42’s Year-End Stories for 2017 where we’ll highlight the major developments, startup shutdowns from 2017 and their impact on the Indian startups and the ecosystems. Find all the stories of this series here.

Taskbob, Shopo, Stayzilla. At the start of 2017, the industry might have looked upon these names with pride owing to the expertise and the investor’s interest behind these Indian startups. But even the million dollar funding and years of strategic planning could not help them avoid their demise in 2017.

The startup shutdowns list of 2017 further added smaller yet popular Indian startups like Prophesee, Cardback and more, who raised decent funding and garnered consumer interest but were still not able to survive.

Watch the video to find out all the 17 startups that shut their doors in 2017.

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