Third Webinar of The Rising Freelance Economy Hosted By Inc42 & Paypal

Webinar: Nailing The Balancing Act – Women Freelancers In India

This webinar has concluded. Gone are the days when nine-to-five jobs were considered the ideal route to a happy and fulfilling life. Millennials today are breaking free from the idea of monotonous, full-time work culture, and India being the largest producer of skilled professionals, is [...]
Inc42 & Paypal Webinar Series On the Rising Freelance Economy - Break Free & Build A Successful Freelance Career With Narsi Subramanian & Yash Parkar

Webinar: Break Free & Build A Successful Freelancing Career

India is rapidly catching up to become the largest Freelance workforce in the world and Indian students are increasingly adding to this Freelance workforce. But in this country of 1.25 Billion people, there are many students who are attracted to the idea of freelancing but [...]
Inc42 & Paypal Webinar Series On the Rising Freelance Economy With Narsi Subramanian

Webinar: The Freelance Opportunity in India; Simplifying FIRC

This Webinar concluded on April 17, 2018. Subscribe To Join Future Webinars In the last few years, especially with the advent of startups and the atypical ‘startup culture’, an increasing number of the global workforce is now opting for flexible employment options, including work from home. All [...]